Words Are Powerful!! Proverbs 18:21


Sunday - 10:30AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 7PM WWOW (Word, Worship on Wednesday) Virtual services due to covid-19

Aug. 02, 2020

"Words Are Powerful" You don't have to be a Prophet to see that we're living in a strange time. We're living in a time that's almost like a mixture of disease, division, dread, fear and anguish and the lethal mixture is aggravated with a slow burning fuse of harsh words. You would think that the global malice that we have to deal with would have called us all together. For the sake of our very own survival you would think that we would work with strength to bring us to resolve, but instead the atmosphere can be weighted and much of the weight of the atmosphere of our day is because of words. Grateful for technology and how it has been used for Redemptive purposes. The Gospel has gone over the airwaves like never before, but also technology has afforded the world to vent; causes and opinions, gripes and soap boxes and harsh words flow like a river. As we read the Bible, we're reminded that words are powerful! As you listen to this message you will be encouraged and instructed to - Watch Your Words!