God's Trademark


Sunday - 10:30AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 7PM WWOW (Word, Worship on Wednesday) Virtual services due to covid-19

Sep. 18, 2020

A trademark is a name or symbol that distinguishes ones goods or services from another. The power of a trademark or logo is well known and can be quickly identified by sight. As human beings we also have a personal trademark, something unique that identifies you. It could be your voice, your laugh, your walk, your DNA, your fingerprints, even your smell is unique . Our God who is so much God that He has multiple uniqueness about Himself. He is Sovereign, the Creator, all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, He is Grace, He is Mercy, He is truth, He is justice, He is ultimately the God of righteous judgement. He is the God of multiple trademarks and His most identifying trademark is His love.